• Chian WAGO 773 Series Quickly Wire Connector
  • WAGO 221 Series Quickly Wire Connector Manufacturers
  • WAGO 222 Series Quickly Wire Connector China

Zhejiang FeeDaa Electric Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces products such as wiring terminals, waterproof junction boxes, industrial sockets, distribution boxes, hardware tools, etc. The company, with its profound grasp of market dynamics, and its own determination to forge ahead and increasingly perfect management and operation, serves numerous industries such as electronics and electrical, communication, fire equipment, control distribution boards, ships, petrochemical, large factories, coastal factories, docks, water treatment facilities, environmental protection equipment, etc.
Our company's waterproof junction box has the characteristics of dustproof, waterproof, acid resistant, alkali resistant, beautiful appearance, stable quality, good grounding function, non-conductive insulation, impact resistance and deformation resistance. Its accessories are complete and easy to install. Solid and reliable, easy to disassemble, widely used in control boxes, transfer boxes, pull boxes, distribution boxes, instrument boxes, button switch boxes, circuit board specialized boxes, etc. Through continuous improvement of technology, we provide our OEM customers with excellent choices.

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