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FeeDaa® Introduction and Product Recommendation of Quickly Wire Connector


Quickly Wire Connector are a convenient tool used to connect wires. In the past, the connection of wires was usually done with tape, which has great safety hazards: 

1. It is prone to electric leakage and fire; 

2. The wiring is cumbersome and requires a large amount of work; 

3. Over time, it is easy to cause electric shock.

Nowadays, many countries are starting to use Quickly Wire Connector for wire connections because the operation is very simple. FeeDaa®,The production of Quickly Wire Connector can be divided into two wiring methods, one is press type and the other is plug and play type. Both wiring methods only require wire stripping to calibrate the length and then put it into the tool, making the connection of wires safer.

FeeDaa® The Quickly Wire Connector produced are made of PA material with a high insulation material that is resistant to moisture and heat. They are flame retardant, high-temperature resistant, and not prone to aging, greatly reducing safety hazards. Using pure copper conductors can better conduct electricity.

Press on terminal blocks, such as WAGO 221 Series Quickly Wire Connector, WAGO 222 Series Quickly Wire Connector, etc., we support customized handle colors and have a beautiful appearance, which is very popular. Plug and play type wiring terminals, 

such as WAGO 2273 Series Quickly Wire Connector, WAGO 773 Series Quickly Wire Connector, etc., have the advantage of being smaller compared to push type wiring terminals, but also have the same usage effect. 

We also have spliceable wiring terminals: Mini Quick Wire Connector 1 In Multiple Out, with fixing holes that can be securely fastened with screws to prevent loosening. The terminals are designed with buckle slots twice, which can meet the needs of wiring side by side and avoid messy wiring.

FeeDaa® As a high-quality Chinese manufacturer of Quickly Wire Connector, we can provide you with various models of quick connect terminals, ensuring quality and offering price advantages. Our sales market covers the world. If you have a purchasing demand for quick connect terminals, please contact us on the website homepage!

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