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The function of the insulation shell in the wiring terminal


Nowadays, most wiring terminals are composed of metal parts and insulated shells. When users purchase terminal products, they often pay more attention to the conductivity of the terminals, and they are not very familiar with the role of insulated shells. The following article will introduce the role of insulated shells in wiring terminals.

The function of the insulation shell in the wiring terminal

Generally speaking, the insulated casing in the wiring terminal has the following three functions:

1. It serves as insulation, which separates metal parts from other components;

2. It plays a protective role, providing protection for the contact points of metal parts and wires;

3. It plays a fixed role, which is the function of locking and fixing on the device.

Terminal features:

1. High flame retardant level

The insulation shell is made of UL94V-0 grade raw materials, flame retardant and fireproof, halogen-free and phosphorus free, and does not produce toxic gases.

2. Convenient and fast operation structure

The use of plus or minus slot screws makes it more convenient to choose a screwdriver. Whether it is a regular screwdriver or an electric screwdriver, it can be used for convenient and fast wiring operations.

3. Anti vibration design

The screws are designed using the self-locking principle and will not loosen under vibration conditions.

4. Lead free and environmentally friendly "green" connection

The product meets RoHS environmental requirements.

5. Reliable weldability

The quadrangular welding leg is easy to insert into the welding hole, conducive to the rise of the welding liquid, and has high weldability.

6. Excellent electrical and environmental performance

The metal parts are made of high-quality copper alloy, with low contact resistance, good surface treatment, and strong corrosion resistance.

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