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Types of quick connect terminals


Quick Connect Terminal is a commonly used electronic component primarily used for wire connections. According to different usage scenarios and requirements, it can be divided into the following types:

Panel type quick wiring terminal: This type of quick wiring terminal is usually used for fixing and protecting wires in circuits.

PCB soldered quick connect terminals: This type of quick connect terminal has stronger reliability and is used for soldering and fixing on circuit boards, for electrical connections with sufficient amplitude anti loosening.

Hard quick connection terminal: This type of quick connection terminal is manufactured using high-voltage arc oxidation electrode technology, which has the characteristics of sturdy structure, stable quality, and strong electrical resistance. It is widely used for connecting high-voltage wires.

Soft quick wiring terminal: This type of terminal is usually formed by cold pressing technology on its surface, which is relatively soft and easier to insert and remove. It is widely used in household electrical connections and electronic components.

Bridge type quick connect terminal: This type of quick connect terminal is a connector that can connect multiple wires or cables. Not only can electrical connections be simplified, but if wire connections need to be changed, there is no need to separate each wire separately.

Heat shrink quick connect terminals: This type of quick connect terminal usually uses heat shrink sleeves to fix the wires, and then uses a quick connector to insert the connecting cap, which can be used in harsh environments such as high temperature and high humidity.

The above are common types of quick connect terminals. Choose the type that suits your needs, which can improve the efficiency and quality of wire connections and increase efficiency in your work.

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