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The hidden dangers of traditional wiring methods


In traditional wiring methods, methods such as twisted wires, welding, ring terminals, and thin rope connections are commonly used. However, these methods have the following hidden dangers:

Safety risk: Traditional wiring methods require operations such as twisting and welding, which require professional knowledge and skills. If operated improperly, there may be electrical and fire risks.

Installation accuracy: Traditional wiring methods require precise measurement and adjustment of the length and angle of the wires, otherwise it may lead to incorrect wire length, uneven angle, or short wire ends, thereby affecting the stability of electrical connections.

Operation time consumption: Traditional wiring methods typically require a significant amount of time for wiring, connection, testing, and adjustment. This will reduce work efficiency, increase workload and cost.

Maintenance difficulty: Due to the traditional wiring methods of welding or peeling the wires, it is necessary to rewire the wires when replacing them, which increases the difficulty and workload of repairing and replacing the wires.

In view of the above issues, using a Quick Connect Terminal can connect wires in a simple and fast way, reducing connection time, reducing maintenance difficulty, and improving work efficiency. Quick connectors have gradually become a trend, providing better solutions for electrical connections.

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